About us

The association’s objective is colaborating with the organizers of milongas and tango practicas in Argentina and the world, so that together we seek ways that allow us to create events, coordinate with other associations and institutions, which result in better conditions for our work , in the diffusion of tango. If you want to add your Milonga, click here


The AOM was formed in 2003 with a total of 15 organizers as a result of the closure problems in Argentina and the need to share experiences to improve the activity. In 2004, due to the total closure of the activity due to the consequences of the Cromagnon cause, we achieved an almost total presence of the milongas of Bs As to act jointly.

In 2006, thanks to the efforts carried out by the AOM, Law 2323/06 was promulgated, which recognizes the milonga activity and regulates it.

As of 2012, milongas from different provinces join the AOM, this process continues with an increasingly important action

In 2016, Law 5735 of the City of Buenos Aires was enacted, the Law to promote unofficial Milongas activity. This law creates the BAMILONGA Institute, which grants subsidies to the milongas of the CABA.

Currently our association works for the growth of the activity, managing together with other groups, the creation of the Instituto Nacional del Tango.



Obtaining rights as managers of culture and within Tango. By being represented by the association, working collectively, we achieve benefits for all. Among them, BAMILONGA in the City of Bs As and the Development Fund throughout the country and the world.

Work together

The possibility of participating in joint events that make our activity visible to society and value the cultural proposal. Maratón Milonguera, Semana de la Milonga and La noche de La Milonga are some of our events.

Mutual help

By working together with other groups, such as Cultural Lawyers, we can project legislative and legal actions against closures, authorizations, etc.

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Asociación de Organizadores de Milongas

Email: aominstitucional@gmail.com